Choice pays off: Accelerate both your product delivery and sales with IFS

A new IDC white paper, sponsored by IFS, shows organizations in the manufacturing industry work more efficiently and close more sales when using IFS Applications.

Discover how your peers are realizing:

  • 14% shorter delivery times
  • 10% more orders delivered on time
  • 21% faster budgetary cycles and more efficient financial reporting
IFS solutions support the sharing of data across your organization, allowing your teams to work collaboratively and recognize efficiencies:

“Manufacturing has seen the most change with IFS because they have better access to specific plans and more control over planning to come up with additional solutions. Our 250-person team is 25% more efficient as a result...Overall, there has been a reduction in terms of delivery times and there has been a reduction in terms of holding cost.”

Read the IDC white paper, sponsored by IFS, ‘The Business Value of IFS Enterprise Solutions with Industry-Specific Use Cases’ now and learn how IFS brings productivity gains to customers.