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TechTarget — The 5 most-critical ERP trends for 2020 and beyond

The cloud is the seedbed of the new technologies affecting ERP, including AI and IoT. It could soon lead to autonomous software that takes over many everyday business processes. TechTarget took a look at five of those forces and how they could affect the future of ERP.

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Diginomica — Roos makes challenger pitch as Astea buy extends FSM reach

At its annual IFS World Conference in Boston, IFS positions itself on the side of challenger companies as it announces an FSM acquisition. Phil Wainewright from Diginomica talked to Darren Roos on why IFS isn't in the top tier of enterprise application vendors and why he thinks that is a strength.

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L’Informaticien — Will 2020 be a good year for IFS?

IFS has shown excellent results in 2019. The company is focused and very ambitious. Darren Roos, IFS's CEO explains how IFS is able to compete with the big players. And the big question is, will 2020 also be a successful year for IFS?

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CNBC Africa

CNBC — Tracking the latest digitalisation & technology trends in Africa

With the digitalisation and technology landscape growing in the continent, how can international technology companies establish themselves in sub-Saharan Africa? CNBC Africa is joined by the Global CEO of IFS, Darren Roos to discuss this further.

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Nasdaq — Acquire an AI mindset to drive value in 2020

The technology gains of the past decade have been tremendous, with this era being dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Darren Roos, CEO at IFS, has written an article for Nasdaq to emphasize that new innovations fundamentally changing the way we live, work and engage with one another in society. 

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IDG Connect

IDG Connect — The end of an era

IDG Connect interviewed IFS CEO, Darren Roos, to discover why thinks the time is right for ERP disruption. Roos is seeing disruption mainly in the second and third tier of customers, what he refers to as the challengers, a bracket in which he is more than happy to place IFS also.

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The Cube

ITProPortal — Why 2019 is the year of the supply chain

Supply chain disruption can come in many forms. Brexit, trade disputes, natural disasters – the number of potential scenarios is vast, and the risk of negative impact on a company’s stability is high. But what other disruption is on the horizon, and how can businesses prepare to manage it? Read the article on ITProPortal, written by Darren Roos. 

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The Cube

theCUBE at IFS World Conference 2019

Check out the on-demand recordings from the CUBE, hosted at the IFS World Conference 2019 in Boston. 

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TechHQ interview — How to be a challenger, then a market-leader

Adrian Bridgewater interviewed Darren Roos about the challenger brand position IFS has and what needs to be done to realize the company's full market potential.

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ITweb — Small, but feisty IFS takes aim at large rivals

Lesley Stone writes about IFS's feisty attitude at the IFS World Conference in Boston and how the company has been reshaped to become the easier, quicker and more customer-friendly choice for ERP installations.

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IT Knowledge Exchange

IT Knowledge Exchange — IFS success services tackle challenge of software ‘outcomes’

Adrian Bridgwater explains on IT Knowlegde Exchange how IFS stays current by constantly evolving its portfolio, suite and wider stack of software and services.

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Darren Roos CBR.jpg

Computer Business Review — Five Questions with IFS CEO, Darren Roos

Every Monday morning we fire five questions at a leading C-suite figure in the business technology sector. Today we’re pleased to be joined by Darren Roos, the CEO of enterprise software vendor IFS.

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Darren Roos Computerworld.jpg

Computerworld interview — The competition serves the shareholders, IFS serves the customers

All companies have to digitize their business processes, which is why the market for business software is hotly contested. IFS is well positioned, says CEO Darren Roos in an interview. (In German)

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ComputerWeekly.com — IFS World 2019: keynote notes, quotes & anecdotes

The Computer Weekly Developer Network team attended IFS World 2019 in Boston where IFS's CEO, Darren Roos spoke openly about how much he had been charged by industry analysts to be more customer-focused.

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CNBC interview — IFS CEO: Firms needing to find more innovative ways of doing things

Darren Roos discusses the importance for businesses to be tech savvy and secure their data.

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Nasdaq TV — TradeTalks: Software Sales as an Indicator for Growth

Darren Roos, CEO of IFS, joins Jill Malandrino, Global Markets Reporter, at the Nasdaq MarketSite.

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Studies in Selling — One on One with Darren Roos

Adam Mendler talks to Darren Roos, the CEO of IFS, about his best sales advice.

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League of Extraordinary CEOs — Passionate About Making a Difference Through Exemplary Leadership

Successful organizations are shaped by the visionary leadership of the CEO. Great executives do this by building strong businesses that analyze and effectively execute.

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CIO Dive

CIO Dive — ERP 101: Choosing the right solution for the business

Jen A. Miller interviews Darren Roos for CIO Dive about the importance of setting goals before companies start an ERP project.

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Business Reporter — Robotics & Automation

Business Reporter interviewed Darren Roos on how macroeconomic uncertainty can be challenged with the right software.

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